Why choose Jay and his team

When looking for a Realtor, you are looking for someone that you can count on whole- heartedly to have your family’s best interests at heart. You’re looking for someone that you can enjoy spending time with, and someone who is knowledgeable in the “business of being a Realtor.”  He/she must know not only how to get a deal put together, but most importantly, how to keep it together.  Real estate transactions are stressful.  The last thing we want is for them to fall apart due to lack of knowledge and experience on the part of one’s agent!

Buying or selling a home is an awesome and fun event that a homeowner will never forget, while also one of the most exciting and stressful transactions or events a person goes through in their lifetime. It has been proven to be as stressful as getting married or getting divorced, having a baby or losing a loved one. When working on one of the most stressful purchases and life changing experiences in your lifetime, you want to be working with professionals.  You want a group of people who know how to get the transaction done in the least stressful way possible.  You want professionals who understand what their clients are seeking to achieve, and who have a respected and well-known name throughout the community for their expert and disciplined work ethic.

The Jay Friedman Realty team has driven themselves to be one of the top real estate teams in the greater Sacramento Valley, including Placer and Sacramento counties, thanks to hard work, dedication, and wanting to always do right by their client’s needs. Real estate is not something to be taken lightly.  Buying a home is a formidable act and should be treated as such. Our team of professionals will help educate you along the way as to what they see that is both promising or challenging in a home.  They will help the buyers determine if the home is a good fit for them as homeowners, or if it is not, what might be done to help it become the right house to call home.  Or they may help guide their clients to get a better, more suitable home for their money.

For home sellers, our team knows what it takes to get a home into top-selling condition to achieve top dollar in the current market.  Sometimes to get top dollar for their home, our clients need to spend a bit of money getting their home ready to sell, but doing minor renovations which may include fresh paint, roof work, and sometimes tile, flooring or home staging, the sellers will make more money in the end. The goal is always to get the most for our sellers while having an enjoyable process and experience before, during, and after the real estate transaction is over.

Jay and his team have many trusted vendor resources to assist with the process of getting a house ready to sell. After many years of experience, they have a database full of responsible, dependable handymen, movers, plumbers, carpenters, pest and home inspectors, as well as many other important trusted professionals that will help make your transition to or from your home as smooth as possible. There is even a moving truck for his clients to use, at no cost, to help streamline the moving process!  Jay and his team have you covered from beginning to end, including through and after the moving process ends.  Jay and his team are your realtors for life!

Give him a call at 916-300-8114 or email him at Jay@JaySellsSacramento.com to set up a free consultation to see if Jay and his team are the right fit for your real estate needs.